Contractor Management System

Sinica’s comprehensive contractor functionality helps to ensure safe working practices are carried out so that your business complies with OSHA standards. Customers who require advanced contractor management should also inquire about Sinica’s contractor management applications.


Maintain a digital record of contractor’s documentation such as insurance and proper licensing. Authorized certifications and documentation are verified by the appropriate parties before being admitted. Live alerts are triggered when documentation requirements are invalid, giving the administrator complete control of the facility.


The Sinica Contractor Management System provides full control of contractor access to your facility from start to finish. The system offers a complete electronic audit record including all documentation.


Sinica’s Contractor Dashboard gives you a real-time look at contractors’ activity at all of your facilities. All active work, as well as upcoming appointments and any denied visits are readily accessible, along with important details like supervisor and location. The dashboard highlights and alerts users about problems like out-of-date certifications, overdue certification verification, and company or contractor issues. Contractors can be organized and sorted for ease of use.


Contractor information for companies and individuals is available in one central, digitally accessible location. Certification information such as contractor credentials, proof of insurance, and site regulation compliance, including Covid-19 policies, is accessible here.


All eligible contractors are signed into the site location using the Sinica Visitor/Contractor Management System and issued a photo ID and location authorization. Contractors can be fast tracked using barcode scanning technology.


The Sinica Contractor Management System is customizable to allow you to implement the system and adapt as your requirements change.

  • • Contractor compliance indicators
  • • Full visit record transparency
  • • Unlimited permit capabilities
  • • Document management
  • • Authorization controls
  • • Entry and exit process capabilities
  • • Compliance warnings
  • • Multiple facility/site control
  • • Fully customizable