What is Sinica?

A Professional, 24/7 facility monitoring system, ensuring all site visitors are (1) Well informed (2) 100% compliant with your on-site safety protocol.

Sinica is a digital paperclip, safely handling and storing your site specific safety documents, in one safe location.

Whether you have (1) a visitor with an appointment, or (2) an unannounced auditor, SINICA ensures your safety records are current and historical records are easily at hand.

Our Services

Sinica was developed in the United Kingdom and has experienced great success in Europe. The Technology has now been brought to the US with the goal being to make facilities safer and more secure than ever before.





From your small business offices to your multinational office complex’s, the Sinica system can be tailored to fit your needs.


Helping you keep your manufacturing facility running smoothly, from the main office to the production floor and beyond, gain complete control of your operation by using Sinica.

food & Beverage

Where quality meets safety in terms of your product, make sure your facility has the proper control of who is in your facility 24/7.


Health and safety compliance is vital in a healthcare setting. Sinica ensures that all visitors are aware of policies and procedures and agree to comply with them.